The life cycle of a deposit into the PKP PLN is:

  1. the deposit is created by the journal when the issue is published.
  2. the deposit is then transferred to the network’s staging server, where its contents are validated, checked for viruses, etc.
  3. it is then transferred from the staging server to the LOCKSS network
  4. when all of the copies on the LOCKSS network are proven to be identical, the journal deletes the deposit in order to save storage space.

The PLN Plugin’s Status page

Each deposit a journal makes to the PKP PLN has a row in the “PKP PLN Plugin - Status” page within the plugin’s admin pages. Below are brief explanations of what each of the columns in the status page mean.

Local Status

This column describes the status of the deposit inside OJS. The posible states in this column are

Processing Status


Nodes in a LOCKSS network “vote” on whether they agree that a given deposit is a bit-for-bit copy of the original. This status indicates whether the nodes on the LOCKSS network are in agreement or not.



If there was a problem processing the deposit, it can be reset. Once a deposit is reset, it will be repackaged and sent to the staging server for processing again.